Saturday, December 24, 2011

What I got

Cleo + Deuce Two Pack
I have been wanting this forever. Thank you Mum, and thank you Dad. Cleo and Deuce are the perfect Monster High couple.

Holt Hyde Basic

Frankie Stein School's Out.
See Holt.

First two books in the Heroes of Olympus
Yay! I love PJ and Greek mythology and I was really excited to get these two books!

VooDoo Doll Smiley
To keep me in smiles. My parents say I don't smile enough. But it's cute, and it's great. It'll go perfectly with my Time-Ninja voodoo doll.

$20 iTunes Cards
So when I wrote my wish-list, I wrote "surprise". My mother asked what it meant. I told her "buy me anything, just make it a surprise, like an iTunes card". Yes, it was an iTunes card. 

Ross Dependency 2011
A first day cover and a mini stamp sheet. Yes! Epical!

Smiggle "hang-on-your-bedroom-wall with a clock that tells you do not disturb"
This is epic. Now no one can annoy me HAHAHAHA!

So, what will you be getting for xmas?

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