Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Morning

It's officially Christmas Morning in New Zealand.

This means, for the next posts that you're going to get today, you'll probably see a post on my Christmas presents (minus photos), my airplane trip to the South Islands and other stuff, such as whether I prefer Vegemite or Marmite (Vegemite wins any day).

I also want to say this.
I will be writing two fanfictions, and possibly another novel at the same time. This means I might not be blogging much, as if I blogged quite a bit recently! Hehe.

And here's my Christmas present to you all. A few of my favourite images from Spartz Media.
I am a hipster. That's weird, I'm never a hipster! I usually follow mainstream. *reads Percy Jackson and watches Monster High* That's mainstream, right?



"Mum! I want this for Christmas!"

No words need to be said, except this sentence.

Internet Explorer? Pink Comic Sans? Who would use them? *backs off cautiously*

I don't have this, but my OC, Alexis does. xD

Where can I buy a shirt like that?

I wanna be megasuperawesomebestestforever friends!

Duh duh duh.. *hums rest of song because Zena doesn't know the lyrics*

The girl with the coolest umbrella in the school... now found an ever cooler one.

End of first post for today! Merry XMas all! And have a great holidays, whether it be Winter or Summer!

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  1. 1. Macs are, contrary to popular belief, awesome. One pompously self-proclaimed nerd I know says, "I don't like Macs 'cuz you can really change everything up and you can't replace parts of hardware and it's incompatible with Microsoft games." My answer: "You think you can configure it better? P.S. Go bang your head on the wall. Once you're done, I'll tell you the criteria for having a brain."
    --A Safari-Using Nerd and Math∏ather 2011