Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long time, no post, here comes a new one, I think I'm going to die....

Long time since a post, eh? I might have to shut this blog down. *evil grin* Just. Kidding. I don't have anything to blog about so I guess, blogging to blogging's sake? Yeah.

I just started ski lessons. /spam

I don't know why I just flagged that as spam. Spam is a kind of meat. Anyway, you're probably asleep by now. Meanwhile, this thread should keep you entertained:
I mean, who doesn't like Chuck Norris jokes?

After a while of thinking, I decided to uh, revamp this blog. So I have a competition for you.

• Make a header for the blog. It must say "A Ninja's Cake" the subheading can be either "Where cake fails us, epically" "Warning: Llama zone" "Eating lemons make you sour. Same with lemon cake?" or something like that. I'm weird.
• Best header will be made into the header for this blog. I'll credit you in the sidebars. *points* and a link to your blog/site/FB/Twitter/NaNo/Figment as well.

Yeah. More details...later. When I'm not procrastinating.

Eat cake, live, die, NINJA!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Please Figment...
Here. Now heart it and vote.

Love, Kalc

((I'll edit later))